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UPDATE! - 2.14.2001 - AEvil is finally available for the Macintosh!

Download the NEW version for your PC - (500k)

Download the NEW version for your Macintosh - (730k)

Download the "Flat Beat" loop! - (81k)

Download the title screen music loop! - (119k)

HELP! - If for some reason the download doesn't work, click here and try again! If that still doesn't work, e-mail me with the address below and let me know. Be sure to check the FAQ below for questions concerning the game before e-mailing me.

"AEvil" is now available for download on CNET.com!
It's even gotten 60,000+ downloads!
If you want proof, check this out!

Here are some frequently asked questions or problems with the game:

Q: I can't get to the Bonus Level. Have any tips?
A: Concentrate on shooting them in the head rather than the body. Since Carnage Points don't help get you to the Bonus Level, you don't need them, but gettting them is the funnest part!

Q: I don't hear anything!
A: You need the latest version of Flash! Download it here.

Q: Who does the music?
A: The title screen song is by "Doc Scott" (the song is called "The Unofficial Ghost"). Download it here! For the 3 levels I used "Mr. Oizo" (the song is called "Flat Beat"). Since I've had so many requests, you can download the music loop here!

Q: The music loop I downloaded doesn't work!
A: Make sure you aren't on a webpage that's playing any sound (like the one you're on now!)

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